Cleaner - degreaser for mechanical parts - C Clean

Limpador - desengraxante
Cleaning, degreasing and dust-removing lubricant designed for degreasing of mechanical parts, brakes, clutches, moulds and before painting of metallic surfaces.


C Clean cleans, degreases and removes dust from mechanical parts. C Clean is a product free of chlorinated solvent, with a cleaning power reinforced by the blast effect obtained from the spray, adding a complementary mechanical effect to the degreasing fluid. Its formulation is particularly neutral with respect to copper metals, plastic protection films and special coatings (PTFE).


C Clean is intended mainly for the following mechanical applications:

  • brakes
  • clutches
  • parts before or after mechanical intervention
  • moulds
  • degreasing of electrical contacts with power down
  • metallic surfaces before painting


  • colourless
  • non-flammable

Product benefits

  • fitted with a 360° multi-position valve
  • strong cleaning power
  • quick evaporation without leaving residues
  • chlorine free
  • excellent wettability
  • non-staining and compatible with elastomers
  • fast-acting and effective