Pastas de arranque e anti-estanhagem

Pastas de arranque e anti-estanhagem
Start-up and anti-tinning greases and pastes for pressure casting moulds: they avoid sticking and tinning of aluminium parts.
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We offer several greases or pastes containing micronised aluminium intended for lubrication of pressure casting moulds. These greases avoid sticking and tinning of aluminium parts during start-up of production and act as anti-tinning pastes during ongoing production.

Of extremely fine grain size, the aluminium, the indispensable slip agent in these greases, penetrates the pores of the metallic supports thus ensuring an interface between the different elements so as to aid mould-release and avoid tinning.


CONDAFOND AL, Alupast are applied in a thin coat on the clean and degreased supports using a brush or a spatula.

Product benefits

CONDAFOND AL and Alupast:

  • Easy implementation and application in a fine coat using a brush or spatula on the clean support
  • Good adherence to the moulds
  • Excellent return
  • Replaces graphite-based greases that clog the moulds and stain the parts during production start-up.