Le 08/12/2017


3rd October 2017: CONDAT Corp. and Renite have reached the closing date of the agreement giving CONDAT possession of the RENITE lubricant activity.

Established in 1854, CONDAT formulates and produces a wide range of lubricants for the world of industry, with always the same goal: providing lubricants with high added technical value that are adapted to its clients’ manufacturing process.  Positioned in numerous application fields (metal working fluids, fire resistance fluids, technical greases, forming lubricants), CONDAT is also well-known as an alternative supplier to the glass and forging industry.

Due to RENITE’s technology and reputation in North America, this acquisition is a good opportunity forlogo-Renite CONDAT to strengthen its diversification strategy in this region. RENITE’s range of specialized lubricants and custom solutions for the forge and glass industry is also a main asset in the deal.

This acquisition shows bright promise and is based on solid common values between the 2 companies: long term vision, customer satisfaction and innovation. With a main concern on health and the environment, CONDAT will bring its determination to provide the safest products for best working conditions (lubricants free from CMR substances, heavy metals, etc.) without any compromise on performance.

With both ranges being complementary, glass and hot forming customers will therefore benefit from the largest choice of lubricants dedicated to their specific needs, plus extra products for the maintenance of their machines and  various lubricating equipment (from distribution, spraying, to dosing and dilution).

Additionally, CONDAT’s commitment to service with high-tech lab, and quality control measures will provide optimum servicing with the most competitive, fast and reliable solution.