Le 08/12/2017


Make recycling easy!

Drum cleaning and recycling can be sometimes costly due to product residues that remain. To meet this constraint, Condat is now equipping its drums with a removable internal liner  to hold products such as its famous GR130 greases, WR89NG sealants and HBW NG main-bearing sealing paste. Introduced in early 2016 on the French market, CONDAT CLEAN PACK has immediately encountered great success on jobsites.


When pumping tail seal greases, sealing pastes and other compounds, a residual quantity of product always remains at the bottom of the drums. To minimize recycling costs, tunnel workers have to clean them. This task can be somewhat difficult because of the adhesive properties of the products.

Currently, when drums are removed and sent for recycling, each kilo of residual product beyond a tolerance of 0.5%, is invoiced and can generate significant additional operating costs.

The CONDAT CLEAN PACK solution: to equip barrels with removable liner

  • Clean: the bag is easier to recycle than soiled drums and thus avoids high disposal costs.
  • Easy to use: perfectly adapted to the diameter of the drum, it does not slip during pumping.
  • Economical: no need for an operator to clean drums anymore, thus leading to productivity increase.
  • Cost-effective: removing the liner from the drum makes it possible to check the weight of the residues and to better regulate the pumping, thus optimizing the consumption of products.

After Rennes, a series of jobsites have validated this technical process: Paris subway – line 14, Nice T2, Lyon’s Turin Ferroviaire and the LH3 shipyard at Maison Laffitte. To this day, all major building and civil works players are also calling for CONDAT CLEAN PACK. Further to this success, all Condat products will be delivered in barrels equipped with a removable liner from the beginning of 2018 worldwide.