Le 27/07/2018

CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 Long-lasting lubrication

Lubrication applications in the steel making industry are among the most demanding. They often combine several constraints: high temperatures, fire risk, loads, presence of water or contaminants. Facing these severe productivity issues, steel making plants or rolling mills are always looking for ever more efficient greases in order to increase the longevity of their equipment while simplifying their maintenance operations.

Thanks to its over 170 years of expertise in greases’ development, CONDAT offers the steel industry dedicated greases such as highly performing CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 grease.

CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 makes it possible to ensure lubrication under very severe constraints (temperatures, loads, water …). This last-generation chemistry grease consists of calcium sulfonates with a colloidal structure. It provides special properties and allows to reach a high level of performance without using high percentages of additives. This grease chemistry allows effective, multi-purpose and long-lasting lubrication. Thanks to high viscosity index its lubricant film is still efficient at high temperature.

The outstanding performance of CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 are mainly related to its high-tech properties:

  • excellent behavior over a wide range of temperat ure
  • resistance to heavy loads
  • outstanding anti-wear properties
  • strong adhesion
  • excellent stability in the presence of water or emulsion
  • excellent anti-corrosion properties

CONDAT MILLENIUM 505, high-temperature grease specially performs on continuous casting, cold rolling and hot rolling mill for the lubrication of plain bearings, rolling bearings, chocks and axels. Its mechanical stability under severe rolling, and the ability to work with water presence (up to 40%), allows to ensure an effective lubrication. It is also highly shocks & vibrations resistant thus avoiding breakage.

CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 allows a faultless lubrication resulting in an average reduction of 50% of lubricant consumption vs conventional greases. The increased period between regreasing operations helps to decrease maintenance time and improve service rate. CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 can also be applied for high-end multi-purpose use, allowing optimization of lubricant grease stocks.

Superior yet compatible with the other conventional greases, CONDAT MILLENIUM 505 meets the requirements found in heavy steel industry and considerably simplifies maintenance operations.