Le 05/07/2017

Higher drawing stability with VICAFIL SENJA

With 170 years of expertise, CONDAT’s lubricant range is recognized as a world reference in the wire drawing market (mechanical and electrical wire). Its VICAFIL and STEELSKIN range gathers together the widest choice of wire drawing soaps, surface treatment, neat and soluble oils, degreasing products,…

Nowadays, to increase productivity, wire drawing machines are coming with more and more drafts and elevated drawing speed. To satisfy these new challenges, CONDAT has developed a new wire drawing lubricant: VICAFIL SENJA.

Launched in February 2017, VICAFIL SENJA shows following key benefits:

  • HSE friendly solution: low Borax level, no nitrites
  • High performance: its specific formulation offers added shear and temperature resistance.

VICAFIL SENJA offers an optimal adherent lubricant film all through the most demanding drawinglines in term of speed and number of drafts. It has encountered great success on steelcord process, phosphated PC wire and welding wires. For example on PC Wire, coupled with VICAFIL TN 1548 for the first draft, VICAFIL SENJA allows to reach a drawing speed never reached in the past (on phosphate/soaped rod).

Together with the well-known VICAFIL SUMAC 5 (Low Borax) & SANTALE 6 (Borax free soap), CONDAT can now offer a tailored solution for your most demanding applications.

The Bangkok show will also be the opportunity to highlight CONDAT’s specific offer for ELECTRICAL WIRE & CABLE, including:

  • For Aluminum Wire drawing, VICAFILTM TFA neat oils range : designed to offer both low residues and extended operating life. A specific additives package increases their lubricating performance.
  • For the drawing of Bare Copper Wires, VICAFILTM TCU concentrated soluble lubricants: highly lubricating and reducing wire breakage, these solubles keep the machine clean, reduce foaming and increase the emulsion stability.

Discover the complete range of mechanical and electrical wire lubricants on booth E20 or contact the Condat team at wire@condat.fr.