Le 27/07/2018

New lubes at Wire China

At WIRE CHINA – Shanghai coming up in September, CONDAT will share its long term expertise on wire drawing lubrication on Hall W1 Stand D41.  Among a wide range of products that includes non-reactive and reactive coatings, dry powder lubricants, oils, pastes, greases, protection and degreasing products…, the company will display its new lubricants for the Asian market.


To reduce residues, limit costly degreasing operations and improve the quality of the wire, CONDAT laboratories have developed a new range of water soluble lubricants.

VICAFIL SL soluble oils have been formulated to meet the latest wet drawing requirements. Enhanced with biocide and anti-foaming properties, this VICAFIL SL range can be used for drawing low or high carbon steels with various surface preparations, from bare or pre-drawn wire, acid picked and phosphate coated wire, to galvanized wire.

The VICAFIL SL range is easy to put in solution and leaves a clean surface finish. It also ensures a long bath life.


Steelcord production requires a high level of quality and finish on the wire together with high speed production. New CONDAT developments are oriented to answer those constraints, including for extra high tensile steelcord wire production.

These include:

  • An additive for borax surface treatment baths to improve the coating weight deposit on the wire. It helps lubricant pick up and extends die lives.
  • New high performance low borax and borax free sodium based soaps for high speed drawing. It allows low lubricant consumption and excellent surface finish.
  • A water soluble polymer based product to replace lead based wire patenting operations. This solution provides a safer and cleaner working environment.

To know more, meet CONDAT at Hall W1 Stand D41 or contact the CONDAT team.