Le 29/05/2017

New THERMA range of quenching oils

With a strong international presence, Condat has earned an excellent reputation in the heat treatment industry thanks to it’s THERMA range of quenching oils.

In order to comply with new requirements and regulations related to the use of oils, CONDAT’S THERMA range has evolved. Our new products are formulated exclusively from Group III, highly refined base oils ensuring safer and more efficient use.

 THERMA quenching oil advantages:

  • Safety for operators and the environment : Increased flash point to reduce fire risk.
  • User protection: Sulphur content and aromatic compounds (PAHs) decreased: low toxicity / Less smoke, odor, less eye and skin irritation.
  • Economy: Longevity of the bath and filtration systems due to better resistance to oxidation; less sludge therefore less pressure on filtration systems.

The THERMA range is available in different qualities (cold, semi-hot and warm oils) and allows more flexibility in the section of the best drasticity for your requirement.

Covering all quench types: batch, passage, vacuum or open furnaces.

Constantly improving it’s product formulations, CONDAT offers our clients the opportunity to increase their performance and productivity whilst reducing their consumption and impact on operator safety and the environment.