Pistola de graxa LUBE-SHUTTLE

Pistola de graxa LUBE-SHUTTLE
Special individual LUBE-SHUTTLE greasing systems, pneumatic or manual. Greasing equipment for pumping, distribution, feeding and filling


For several years, CONDAT has relied on the Lube-Shuttle® range of manual guns for grease cartridges, for both the screw cartridge and for the different types of gun with registered trademarks and processes.

The lever gun or Lube-Shuttle process with a screwed cartridge has no spring, no rear cover, no gasket, and requires no purge...

  • No need to fight with your grease gun!
  • The cartridge is easily installed, in less than 7 seconds
  • Unscrew the lid of the 400g grease cartridge, insert it in the gun, SCREW and GREASE!

SOLD WITH A GREASING HOSE M10X1 and 4-jaw connector clip that clips instantly with a simple push to the spherical-head greaser.


Pompe à graisse LUBE SHUTTLE

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New Generation with a head in galvanised steel, ergonomic handle, packaging in ecological cardboard, service pressure 400 bar, high pressure up to 800 bar, TÜV, DLG, BLT approval

Product benefits

  • No tool required to open cartridge (screw cartridge)
  • Quick and clean filling and changing of cartridge
  • Quick check of grease level and type
  • Maximum use of the grease with a follow-up plunger
  • Filling of empty cartridges possible with the ecoFILL type lever-gun filler and the Lube-Shuttle® Réf. 31 150 50 adapter
  • No more need to purge
  • Grease gun guaranteed 5 years in normal use
  • High pressure for filling central greasing bowls
  • Equipment scalable according to customer requirements, on quotation

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