Micro-pulverização Lubtool

Micro-pulverização Lubtool
Micro-lubrication system for neat and soluble oils in sawmills, machining plants, presses, dam chains, bearings.


This micro-lubrication system is designed to substitute for traditional methods of lubrication by irrigating with soluble oils in applications with machines working by swarf removal, moulding and cold forming of metals. Pneumatic micro-pumps guarantee a minimal quantity of lubricant at the exact point where the tool is in contact with the material. Projection is ensured by carrier air that also serves to cool the tool and the machined part, without creating mist or pollution.

Micro-spraying system (from 1 to 10 nozzles), economic for spot lubrication. Operating with volumetric micro-pumps, it delivers a consistent and low volume of lubricant at a more or less high frequency.


  • 2.2-litre tank as standard or 6 and 12 litres as an option, with low-level detection.
  • Micro-dosing pumps (from 1 to 10)
  • 1 frequency generator
  • Solenoid control valve (230V or 24V)
  • Spray nozzles (see details)
  • Double coaxial flexible hoses of 5 or 10 metres
  • 1 protective metal box
  • 1 water filter with air regulator
  • 5 types of nozzle with different jets

Product benefits

  • Workshop cleanliness
  • Extended lifetime for tools
  • Each nozzle controlled independently
  • Instant connection
  • Easy installation


  • Tank volume
  • Nozzle fittings
  • Number of micro-pumps, nozzles
  • Reinforced hose
  • Solenoid control valve (other than 24V or 230V)


Example of installation on a press


Other equipment