Acessórios para distribuição / bombeamento

Acessórios para distribuição / bombeamento
Range of accessories for manual distribution, pumping and filling: Pumps for emptying barrels, syringe, quick-release key, jug, tap.


According to the application and in case of absence of compressed air, PUMPING – FILLING and DISTRIBUTION of greases can also be done MANUALLY.

Condat offers 3 types of manual pump for 200 kg barrel or 50 kg keg:

  • Pump for emptying barrels or kegs with its quick-release key
  • The CONDATCOOLING hand pump (windscreen wash – antifreeze)
  • Pumps for emptying barrels

Product benefits

  • Easy-to-use equipment
  • Economical equipment

Secondary accessories

Filling syringes and the 5-litre jug are indispensable accessories for manual filling operations.

Universal barrel/keg key

Universal aluminium key for bungs. Aids the opening of 2" and 3/4" bungs on standard barrels and kegs.

Barrel / keg pouring stopper

Plastic tap of 3/4" diameter for metal kegs and barrels.


Filling or sampling syringe


5-litre jug


Other equipment