Distribuição de barris e barris

Distribuição de barris e barris
Equipment for pneumatic pumping and feeding, distribution, filling of oils: 200 kg barrel, 50 kg keg.


Mobile or portable units are a simple and economic solution for the transfer of small volumes of lubricants, in all situations where the maintenance workshop is not easy to access. In normal use, the pneumatic pumps are guaranteed for 5 years. They can easily be used on 200 kg barrels and 50 kg kegs for the storage, pumping and distribution of your oils.


Several solutions are possible for the pneumatic distribution of neat oils in 50 kg kegs or 200 kg barrels:

  • Fixed equipment
  • Mobile equipment (trolley or cart) with or without spooler


Each keg or barrel solution can be fitted with two items:

  • 3:1 or 5:1 pneumatic pump with a simple hose (4 metres or 10 metres)
  • Closed spool of 10 metres according to needs.

To ensure distribution in accordance with your requirements, at the end of the hose you will find a simple trigger or digital counter trigger (with optional pre-selection) for a precise record of the volume delivered.

Product benefits

  • Easier-to-handle equipment
  • Mobility of the installation
  • Simple and economic solution

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